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BadStandUp в Самаре 5.10 выход на сцену

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Cringe level 1000 stand up set

Watch me get booted off stage... It's great.

Bad Stand Up - Bitcoin

Check out my gear on Kit: Its time for Bad Stand Up! - Bitcoin edition Featured in the video ...

Amy Schumer Cringe Stand Up

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Bill Burr - Breaking bad | Full standup special

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Horrible Open Mic Douche get's owned!

Open mic in Clearwater FL and the last guy on stage was very drunk, and NOT funny. Several working comics stopped by after a ...

Impractical Jokers - Sal's Unfunniest Stand-Up (Punishment) | truTV

Stand-up is Sal's passion but for this punishment it is his worst nightmare. Subscribe: Watch full ...


Dexter continues his journey within the comedy realm but like every great comedian he has some bumps and bruises along the ...

Impeachment? Looks more like bad stand up!

The hearings aren't going too well for a certain party, looks like they're struggling to fill gaps in time and just blowing a lot of smoke ...

02.02.14 BadStandUp в Санкт-Петербурге видеоотчет от Kucheryaving Company

Клуб MOD Сергей Василевский Евгений Рэймонд com/e

Norm Macdonald on His Bad Stand Up Gigs

Norm Macdonald telling stories of his bad stand up gigs experiences. Turd Feguson's Merch: ...


Another low quality cancer compilation that somehow took 5 months to make.

The Difference Between Being a Bad Boy and a Bad Guy - Joe Kwaczala

Joe Kwaczala wonders why all priests seem to be bad singers and recalls the time he messed trying to describe his “bad boy” ...

Susanna Reminds Comedian Josh Widdicombe of His Bad Stand Up Reviews | Good Morning Britain

Comedian Josh Widdicombe will be hitting the road in his first stand up tour in three years this October. He joins GMB as he chats ...


Helloooo!!! Welcome back to another trashy video starring, ME! Every year my college holds an event called May Day. It takes ...

Trump's Presidential Rally In Tulsa Was A Bad Stand Up Special

Clip From June 23, 2020 Episode - New Episodes Every Tuesday And Friday Audio Version On Spotify/Apple Podcasts: Two ...

Bad Stand Up

Austin tries out a new bit --------- Comedy Sketch #30.

Traumatized Stand-up Comedian Bombs On Stage

"Traumatized Stand-up Comedian Bombs On Stage" by Super Kudzu at The Laugh Factory, May 1st, 2012 Written by Mike ...